The 2 nursery slopes in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse are located at 1350m, and are accessed by the gondola. The elevation means that there is almost always snow throughout the winter season for the ski school. The nursery slopes are flanked by two very gentle beginner slopes which allows progression to the next level, all from the same location. Its a charming little area, surrounded by trees and close to a couple of mountain restaurants, so you can keep an eye on the kids in ski school while enjoying some lunch on one of many sun terraces.

The meeting point for the school is less than 50m from the house, accessed via a small road from the rear of Villa Marie-Louise.

There are over 50 Ecole de Ski Francais instructors that work in and around the Chartreuse massif over the winter months, and many of them speak very good English. Not all instructors do though, and we recommend that you make a reservation of your lessons early to avoid any disappointment. 

Rates do vary depending on length of stay, and whether you have in mind private, semi-private or group lessons. Get in touch with our local ESF for a personal quote:

Kids can attend ski school from the age of 4 years. For children between 3-4 years, there are kindergarden services provided by the ESF



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