For those with a passion for exposure on the high trails, there are four exceptional via ferrata in the region (1) Roche Veyrand, (2) les Prises de la Bastille (Grenoble), (3) the Vire des Lavandières (Crolles) and (4) Le Grande Dièdre (Crolles). The region also offers some world class caving. There are several hundred miles of caves in the immediate vicinity, with some systems extending over 60kms! The majority of the caves are alpine - and most of the access points are at altitude (some of which are tricky) which precludes access in the winter months. Many of the cave systems are long and narrow with pitches exceeding 50m, so a good level of fitness, equipment and skill is required. The Chartreuse region is famed for its complex and technical through-trips, the most famous being les Dents des Crolles at 55km long. It is highly recommended that the services of a professional guide are sought (details are available at Saint Pierre's tourist office) for these complex cave systems, as there are calls to the emergency services every year from visitors who have bitten off more than they can chew! A superb high ropes and tree top course, the "Foret d'Emeraude', was opened in 2002 in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse. Designed in 38 tiers descending 470m, and offering 3 difficulty levels, it is perfect for family or team building outings. The route takes from 1.5 to 3hrs, depending on the difficulty level. The Emerald Forest is open from the beginning of May to the end of September, and the centre also offers swimming, tennis, and picnic areas.

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