To book Villa Marie-Louise, first check the calendar below and on the right for an indication about availability for your preferred dates of travel. Please note that our availability runs from Saturday to Saturday, so you must choose these days as your start/end points.

If these dates are green in colour or 'available', simply enter your preferred dates into the box below and click "Check Availaibity". Our database will confirm the availability and the price for the dates chosen.

If your chosen dates are available, our database will confirm the availability and present you with an open to either "Book Now" or "Enquire" with respect to those dates.  The 'Book Now' will take you through to our payment section, at the end of which you will be requested to make a deposit payment to confirm your booking. If you would like further information before you make a booking, click the "Enquire" button.

The 'Book Online' and 'Send an Enquiry' forms will then appear below for you to complete.

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